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The Way Out of Greece’s Insolvency — And Into Europe’s Future

15 Jul

Greece’s fiscal crisis is not only affecting the entire eurozone and threatening the fragile global financial equilibrium, it is also casting doubt on the future of the euro as a single currency. The numerous credit rating downgrades and the jitteriness in the market require quick action and convincing responses. (more…)

The Path Ahead for Greece

7 Jul

On June 29, Greece’s parliament adopted a contentious austerity package that paves the way for the EU and the IMF to unlock another crucial installment of bailout funds. Elena Panaritis, a member of Greece’s parliament, explains what her country must do going forward to put itself on sounder financial footing. It was a make-or-break vote […]

The Historical Roots of Greece’s Debt Crisis

14 May

Over the past year, we here in Greece have been going through all of the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. We woke up to the crisis in denial, came to terms with it, and became angry. Then we started bargaining for our future until we got so depressed we finally […]

Greece’s Date with the Taxman @ Globalist

12 May

Tax evasion in Greece is rife. In fact, it can be described as an epidemic, particularly in small businesses that handle cash. But is tax evasion the same as it is in the United States or in other countries? Is it that Greeks are born with an Al Capone gene? No. The real culprit is […]

An OpEd published by The Guardian: The property rights problem

24 Feb

Bailing-out banks won’t fix the US economy. We need to stabilise home prices and standardise the way we value property. Have we analysed the roots of the current economic crisis or started at the middle? Is it really just the unregulated financial markets and over-liquidity, or have these factors compounded an already broken system? How […]

My Opinion Piece Published on Reuters

26 Feb

First 100 days:  A fix for the housing crisis In his speech to Congress, President Obama spoke of how the proper response to the economic crisis is not just a matter of immediate fixes, but also an opportunity to make investments that will serve the nation’s long-term interests. The same idea should govern the housing […]