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Postponing Greek Elections `Sane,’ Panaritis Says

8 Feb

Feb. 6 (Bloomberg) — Elena Panaritis, a Greek member of parliament and former World Bank economist, talks about austerity negotiations. She speaks from Athens with Mark Barton and David Tweed on Bloomberg Television’s “On the Move.”    

Elena Panaritis @CNBC

8 Feb

      Greek Unions Hold 24-Hour Strike Against Austerity Elena Panaritis, member of parliament for the PASOK party, told CNBC, “we are going through two years of severe austerity and an additional wave of that doesn’t lend very easily among people and among the prime minister, the members of the parties and the party […]

Greece Groundhog Day All Over Again: Strategist

7 Feb

      Greece’s leaders and representatives of the “troika” responsible for its bailout failed yet again to reach agreement on the terms of a second bailout by Tuesday morning leaving European markets facing another day’s uncertainty over the Mediterranean country. Elena Panaritis, MP for Pasok, the party of former Prime Minister George Papandreou, told CNBC […]

What Does a France Downgrade Mean for Europe? @ Huffington Post

13 Jan

By Elena Panaritis Founder, Panel Group; Author, ‘Prosperity Unbound’   Is this the beginning of the end? S&P announced a reduction of France from AAA to AA. As it turns out, S&P’s December 5th warning was not addressed to satisfy fears in the market. What does a downgrading of France really mean? It means that […]

Institutional Reforms Can Lead Greece Out of the Crisis (Huffington Post)

12 Dec

Resolving the deep and prolonged economic crisis in Greece — an economic and financial storm of historic proportions and the worst since WWII — requires a lot more than rescue funds. It requires more than short-term macroeconomic reforms and austerity measures. (more…)

How Will History Judge George Papandreou? (The Globalist)

6 Dec

Former Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou will not only be remembered for having been in office during Greece’s worst economic crisis since the 1930s. He will be remembered as bold and decisive — and unafraid to take unpopular positions, argues Elena Panaritis, a member of Greece’s parliament. (more…)

Greece should not be forced to act alone @ The Guardian

11 Oct

No haircut. No default. Greece will persevere. This is our government’s unyielding stance on the current crisis, stressed by the prime minister in Germany this week. He also called on the other eurozone countries to show an equal commitment. (more…)

The Path Ahead for Greece

7 Jul

On June 29, Greece’s parliament adopted a contentious austerity package that paves the way for the EU and the IMF to unlock another crucial installment of bailout funds. Elena Panaritis, a member of Greece’s parliament, explains what her country must do going forward to put itself on sounder financial footing. It was a make-or-break vote […]

The Historical Roots of Greece’s Debt Crisis

14 May

Over the past year, we here in Greece have been going through all of the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. We woke up to the crisis in denial, came to terms with it, and became angry. Then we started bargaining for our future until we got so depressed we finally […]

Greece’s Date with the Taxman @ Globalist

12 May

Tax evasion in Greece is rife. In fact, it can be described as an epidemic, particularly in small businesses that handle cash. But is tax evasion the same as it is in the United States or in other countries? Is it that Greeks are born with an Al Capone gene? No. The real culprit is […]