Elena Panaritis speaks at TBLI Conference Europe 2011 on Green Real Estate


Elena Panaritis speaks at TBLI Conference Europe 2011 on Green Real Estate. Elena Panaritis, founder of Panel Group LLC, is participating in a workshop on “Retrofitting and Green Real Estate” part of TBLI Conference Europe.

Title of Presentation: The Role of Property Rights in Green Investments on Real Property and Land

What is green real estate? A workshop during the second day of this year’s TBLI Conference Europe 2011, will present a variety of perspectives on ‘Retrofitting and green real estate’. The workshop will be moderated by Robert S. Earhart, Director – TBLI Consulting Group. Speakers include Elena Panaritis, Founder – Panel Group LLC, Jonathan F.P. Rose, President – Jonathan Rose Companies LLC, Paul Cayford, Founder and Director – Cayford Architecture Ltd (UK).

Elena  Panaritis is one of the pioneers of impact investing. She will explore the role of property rights in green investments on real property. She will share her experience as the founder of a  triple bottom line business, working to transform illiquid assets into tradable ones and laying the foundations for a secure property rights environment through an innovative corporate structure. Her proprietary method aligns incentives among the private sector, governments, and owners resulting in a higher level of wealth and security (individual and community), along with a reduction of the carbon footprint.



Based in Amsterdam, TBLI GROUP™ raises awareness in the financial sector of the benefits of impact investment. It advises both companies and individuals who wish to institutionalize sustainability and acts as a global educator, providing a network for parties who share in this goal.